Thursday, June 27, 2013

so if you feel like I feel, please let me know that it's real

So, what have I been doing, apart from welcoming wet, sticky baby goats into the world?  So much.  The summer kind of so much, that feels like a lot, but is actually not very much and in fact makes you feel quite slothful when you look back and try to figure out why your house is so dirty.

We have watched about eleventy billion movies, now that Grant has joined the ranks of teenager and we have approved him for a little higher octane in his media.  We have been playing the music from Pirates of the Caribbean, Grant on the trumpet and me on the piano, and now that I can play duets of a sort, having children is totally paying off.  When Emmett starts the drums we are going to rule.  We are going to make the Partridge family look like a bunch of amateurs!  Like thumb-sucking babies!  We had a successful family reunion with John's side of the family and got our children well established in a pattern of staying up late and sleeping in, which I'm sure we won't regret at all.  I took the kids to a water park and got a speeding ticket on the way.  John and I went to Jersey Boys, and although it doesn't engage you emotionally the way something like Les Mis does, the music is great and I came home and reminded my children that for "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" alone Frankie Valli deserves our respect.  They love that song, but have been resistant to the rest of the Valli/Four Seasons catalog.  We went to dinner at Bambara and ate some bone marrow, which was a little too much for me in this stage of educating my palate.  I ate it, but didn't really enjoy it.  John tasted it and his body said NO.

And I am an inventor now!  I probably already invented some other stuff, but I have forgotten what it is.  But if you were religiously following my tweets you saw that I have invented a new clothes:

Here's how it came to be:  I have been looking for fabric with which to make some cute knit skirts, but evidently the jersey knit market is entirely controlled by the Inner Party, because I can't find anything.  So I was thinking, maybe I'll take some of the shirts I don't wear anymore and cut them apart and use that fabric.  I pulled the shirt up around my waist to see if the fabric would work, tied the sleeves to get them out of the way, and then I was like, "Well, I guess I'm done!"  I was calling it the skirt-that's-a-shirt, but my brother-in-law David called it a shkirt, and I think that's so much more simple and elegant, much like the item it describes.  I wore the purple one to church on Sunday, and got so many compliments.  Do it, you guys.  So empowering.  


tipsybaker said...

Wait are you kidding? Did you do no sewing?

Layne said...

No sewing. It's pretty much a miracle.

All8 said...

That is awesome. I'm glad all of your babies made it safely.

Barbie said...

Hi Layne,
Cute kids...congratulations!
Cute skirt....way to be creative!

amy greenway said...

Wow! Very cute and SO easy. Okay, wait. Did you just open the shoulders and, voile? The sleeves take the place of buttons, zippers, elastic, and darts?

Layne said...

Amy--no cutting, no sewing. I just pulled the neck up around my waist and tied the sleeves like a sash, which hides the shoulders. It stretches the neck out and makes it no longer terribly useful as a shirt, but I was done with them as shirts anyway.

Claire said...

Ok that is crazy! and cute! Nate is going to eat chicken feed tomorrow for his farewell lunch. Not quite bone marrow, but still strange.