Friday, July 5, 2013

heartache to heartache we stand

My sister and her family are coming back from Australia in just five days!  I am ever so excited to see them, and not just because they'll probably be bringing treats from Down Under.  But now that you mention it, why do all the other countries have better treats than we do?  I think we're gradually closing the licorice gap, if only through imports.  Allsorts are still an abomination, but at least we have access to something like RJ's Black Soft Natural Eating Licorice, which is a delight. The chocolate gap, however, is really embarrassing.  Boutique chocolate shops often have quite good chocolate, but the standard stuff in the candy aisle is waxy and gritty and simplistic.  But adjusting for the better chocolate, do the treats seem better than they are because they're foreign to us, or are they really that much better?  Are there any American treats that people from other countries regard with starry-eyed wonder?  Everyone: go ask all the people you know who have lived outside the United States if we have any treat worth being proud of.  What about something that was invented here in the U.S.--is there anything like that?  I hope so.  I would like for us to export something tasty along with the obesity.  

I just texted "Aww yeah" to my mom, and I felt giggly about it.  It's like generations colliding or something.  She was asking if we wanted some pie, and she'd bring some over for breakfast.  I LOVE PIE SO MUCH.  

I'm sorry I'm talking so much about treats today.  Am I making you hungry?  Am I derailing your post-Independence Day diet retrenchment?  

Tonight I'm going to Pat Benatar with my sister.  I figure, how many times in my life am I going to get to see an 80s icon like Pat?  She is the business.  It is going to be so awesome.  I think I might repaint my toenails to get myself in the proper frame of mind for the rocking that is going to occur.  


tipsybaker said...

Wasn't Ruth Wakefield an American?

g. lo said...

If I was you I would be hoping for Tim Tams and Cheezels. There was no end to our fascination with Korean snacks when we lived in Seoul, but just try to buy a jar of peanut butter for <$6---I don't know if PB is American, but it is universally loved.