Monday, July 1, 2013

I'm still going to see the lego movie because chris pratt

Well, I just heard something depressing.  Diane Rehm is talking to some guy who wrote a book about Lego, and he said that one of the Lego developer people told him that they have observed that when boys get a Lego set, the first thing they do when they open the box is throw away the female minifigures.  Maybe I'm overreacting, but I find that pretty chilling.  Because what it looks like is that boys--at least the boys they observed--are born with the opinion that women are disposable, and that they cannot identify with them.  The Lego guy said that the only female minifigure that doesn't immediately get ditched is Hermione Granger.  This, at least, I find encouraging, because it seems that contrary to popular belief, boys are not threatened by smart, accomplished women.
I'm probably overthinking this.


tipsybaker said...

Given how the boys and grown men in my life feel about Emma Watson, I'm not sure how I'd interpret the fondness for Hermione Lego figurines.

Jenny said...

Just reading back on your past posts and I just had to tell you that I wore a shirt skirt yesterday! I loved and I give you all the credit. I will take a picture next time I wear it. It turned out super cute!!