Sunday, July 14, 2013

it ain't bad to get mad

You guys, I am majorly geeking out about this Michael Pollan book I'm reading.  I'm into the fermentation section, and I am going to just start eating bacteria by the handful, I'm so excited.  I love that at my family reunion on Saturday I could talk with like-minded folks about fermentation and the hygiene hypothesis and the duplicity of bees.  In our conversation Soulemama was mentioned disparagingly and dismissed, because really.  There are people on the internet I visit when I need to immerse myself in a roiling bath of misanthropy, and if I had read much of Soulemama I'm afraid she'd be on that list.  There are some hate destinations that I am ashamed to tell you about, because of how undeserving they are of my spite.  Good people, most of them, better and kinder and more hard-working than me, I'm sure.  One of them is a longtime acquaintance of one of my sisters, and I just snarl and hiss and say horrible, cruel things about her.  Everything is so starry-eyed and precious and it makes me BARF.  I think one of the Snow Queen's mirror fragments got lodged in my heart and eyes when I was a child, and now I have all this hatred and venom burbling away inside me, and frankly, I like it.  I have heard, and this is so anecdotal, that some people with bipolar disorder are difficult to treat; that they often refuse to take their medication because they enjoy their manic phases.  If this is true, and if anger were at all like mania, then I think I might understand the attraction a little bit.  Surrendering to strong emotion is very seductive.  Are there things that you read or watch specifically to make yourself angry?  Who is more horrid, Gwyneth Paltrow or Anne Hathaway?

I just saw a tampon commercial that's either real or a joke, and in it there are two girls, one of them ostensibly wearing a leak-proof tampon, and A SHARK COMES AND EATS THE OTHER ONE and there is blood all over the place and flinging body parts.  Welp, guess I'm not sleeping tonight.


Tori said...

I often read the comments on internet articles when I full well know better than to read them. And there are people I don't unfriend on Facebook even though they are totally annoying, because I feel like I have to know what garbage they're spewing.

Jenny said...

Daniel specifically wanted to make himself angry yesterday because he bought a mood ring and wanted to see it change to the angry color. He asked, no begged, Landon to slap him across the face. Landon did as requested, and sent Daniel running away screaming and crying. He felt many emotions, but the ring really didn't change colors. It was hilarious!!

Layne said...

Jenny, that is the best story.

Anonymous said...

I just came over here from tipsybaker (where I comment as "Lee") and reading this entry, I think I love you. But not in the hearts & flowers ooey gooey way, honest, more in a I love you because we share such a deep aversion to Soulemama, Gwyneth Paltrow, and their ilk.