Friday, August 23, 2013

do not miss their snappy hip pops

Red ribbon.  RED.  And to be frank, it's better than I deserve.  I tasted the other pie I made with the same filling, and it was meh.  And that's being generous.  Probably the worst pie I've ever made.  But I was not alone--there were a handful of other pies, and the only one that got a blue ribbon was a gorgeous pecan pie that looked perfect.  I would like to have snuck a taste of it, but was not brave enough.

My honey got a blue ribbon, Emmett's pickles got a red, Grant's tomatoes got a red, the chickens got one red and one white (the pooping one got the white), and Ike's rabbit, the pee-stained rabbit with its nose bitten off, got a blue ribbon.  Que sorpresa!  I wonder if it was a pity vote.  Sugar is a nice-enough looking rabbit, but blue?  When beautiful Biting Martha only got a white last year?  I do not understand the mind of the rabbit judge.

While we were walking around yesterday Emmett said, "Sometimes I feel bad that we aren't real farmers."  That is such an uncharacteristic thing for him--especially him--to say.  He's my least agriculturally-minded child.  But he says he wants to show a goat next year.  We've already opened Pandora's box by entering rabbits and chickens because we have to go out there every day to check their food and water, so how much worse would it be to babysit a goat as well?

Do you think a roadside pie stand has a chance to be successful?  Argue for or against in the comments.


tipsybaker said...

Roadside pie stand. I would absolutely stop. There would need to be an ever changing selection of pies to provide suspense and incentive to stop after the first visit. And also there would have to be some smaller pies to eat right away. Or by-the-slice.

Layne said...

I love the idea of small pies, and would maybe even have that be the focus/main draw--for disposable individual pie pans I was thinking of using these, until I find something more suitable:

Aluminum ones are out, because tacky and Alzheimer's. And I agree, a changing/rotating menu is a must.

I have seen this model work brilliantly with my younger sister--busy road, fresh-baked something that people don't like to make for themselves and will happily buy for the right price, selling day over quickly--and wonder if I should try it.

amy greenway said...

I think you've got something here. When we lived in upstate NY there was a little lady who lived in an even tinier town who sold fresh grape pies (a regional favorite) on the side of the road. They were not cheap but they sold like crazy. You could be THAT lady, except in UT...and not nearly as old....with much better taste in footwear unless you decide to start wearing extra supportive, tan, lace-up shoes.

/ said...

the link in your response is exactly what I would have recommended...I have used them with great success. there is a roadside bread stand in Cape May and they sell out in like two hours with a huge line waiting when they open. I would drive out of my way for a pie stand.

Amy said...

Think about how many people drive out of their way to buy Maddox's peach pies . . . Answer: LOTS!