Wednesday, September 18, 2013

mowgli seems kind of bossy

I spoke disparagingly about our new alfalfa being lazy and letting the volunteer wheat take over, but now I see that it has been doing its job after all.  There is nice little meadow of alfalfa sprouts out there.  Good thing, because buying all our hay is really cramping our financial style.  I look forward to next year having a little looser purse strings.

Last night before we saw my sister off at the airport we ate at an Ethiopian restaurant.  Would you ever have imagined that we could take Emmett to a place like that and he wouldn't have a total comeapart?  He got something called tibs, and raved about it.  He ate the injera for a while until he figured out that it was sour, but at least he tried it.  He has gotten so much better.  He even eats salsa.  Tonight I'm going to push my luck by making stroganoff--he is not into saucy noodles.  Anyway, the waiter at the restaurant was a Rasta, and until right now when I googled it I was confused about what Rastafarianism and Ethiopia had to do with each other, because I am ignorant.  He was a nice guy who gave us a quick history lesson about Ethiopia, told us he didn't have a TV and he just reads books all the time, and encouraged our children to read lots of books and find their path, but he also said that women should just know how to cook well; that's just how it should be.  So it is possible for someone who reads a lot to still have sexist ideas, is what we learn.  He contains multitudes!


beckster said...

Have you read Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese? I loved that book, and it has a lot of the history of Ethiopia in it since half of the book takes place there. Good luck with your saucy noodles!

tipsybaker said...

Yes, I loved Cutting for Stone too, Beckster. Also about Ethiopia, "There is No Me WIthout You" by Melissa Fay Greene is one of my favorite nonfiction books of all time.
Stroganoff. I haven't had that in a while.