Friday, September 20, 2013

no one knows what it's like to be the bad man

I trimmed Hazel's and Sally's and Minerva's hooves this morning.  I had decided to keep Minerva because she's so much friendlier than Templette, but when I went into the pen after the hoof trimming to groom the rest of them Templette actually approached me and allowed me to pet her a little bit, and now I'm torn.  Minerva is the roan, but Templette has better conformation.  Bleh, goat husbandry is hard.  I guess I should work with both of them and give them an equal shot at staying.

Do you wish that smokers would switch to chewing?  Yes or no, defend in the comments.

I am probably getting goat hair all over the couch right now, but there's something important I want to discuss with you.  Since I just got done rewatching Buffy (I think this is my third time through?), I has some little questions.  For starters:
1.  Spike vs. Angel, in general, and for Buffy, specifically.  Discuss.
     a. Is Spike a better being than Angel, because he sought a soul rather than being cursed with one?
     b.  Are their differences in character due to the differences in their human characters?  Spike/William was a gentle, bookish softy as a human, and wasn't Angel/Liam basically a grody drunken poonhound with an unconvincing Irish accent?
     c.  Which of them, if indeed either, has a chance for a successful life--and I'm talking the rest of their lives, not a couple of years--with Buffy?
2.  With which character (regular or recurring) do you most identify?
3.  The acting . . . inconsistent, am I right?
4.  Does or does not Xander have it the roughest?  Discuss.
5.  Do you want Giles to be your dad?

That will do to be going on with.  And if you can guess the connection of today's post title to its contents, I tip my hat to you.