Wednesday, September 11, 2013

the moon had disappeared and so had christopher mcgill

I know that talking about 9/11 is tricky for a lot of people.  It was a hard day, but some of the public grieving on such forums as Twitter and Facebook seems so . . . weirdly exhibitionist?  There was a comment on a Gawker post in which someone squirmed about the people who tweet something like #neverforget and nothing else, like "oh, I almost forgot about 9/11 until I saw my aunt Mabel's picture of a crying eagle."  And brothers and sisters, I did laugh.  Because that is exactly how I feel.  And I know I shouldn't throw shade at the way other people choose to (tackily) grieve, publicly or privately, and if a Precious Moments figurine dressed as a firefighter gives somebody comfort, who am I to judge?  I guess that's just one more sin keeping me out of heaven.  It seems like people try to attach themselves or exaggerate their connection to a traumatic event, be it a death or a Hep C diagnosis, because it makes them feel important.  Am I imagining this?

Some weird lady called me the other day--she had gotten my number from the place we buy our hippie stuff--and she wanted water crystals, which I am not sure what those are?  At first she was asking for kefir, and I had some of that, and then she said, "Now, these are water crystals, right?"  And I was like, "Huh?  I thought you said kefir grains?"  But no, she wanted water crystals, which are, according to her, "crystals formed from water."  So . . . ice, then?  Not sure if serious.  Maybe it was a scam and they were wiretapping us or something and now the government is spying on me because they know of my secret ambition to be Maleficent the Great, Demon Queen of America.  Cat's out of the bag now, I guess I better look for a campaign manager for 2016.


beckster said...

Maybe she was talking about this - I would never have thought that those polymers would have been called water crystals, but what do I know? I think the 9/11 phenomena is just like Woodstock. Everyone you talk with was either there or knows someone who was there. Same with the march on Washington with MLK. I think it was tragic, but it has become exhibitionist, and the memorial is really over the top, but isn't everything these days? So, now you will have company in purgatory.

Layne said...

Save me a spot by the fireplace.