Sunday, October 27, 2013

be gentle and loving in deed and in thought

Ha!  We watched Jaws on Saturday night, and Grant thought it was scary, just like I told him he would.  Emmett said it was not scary, just gross, but I bet he was being macho.  They didn't have nightmares or anything, so I'm still a good parent.  I guess we won't really know how scarred they are until we see how they feel about swimming in the ocean when we go to Port Townsend next summer.  They are finally members of the enormous, undiscerning club of people who have seen "Jaws," and we are their sponsors.  I'm glad that it seems to have been a memorable experience.  They both drew Jaws-related pictures in sacrament meeting today, which was probably irreverent, but they learned irreverent church doodling at my knee--recently I drew a picture of Beethoven scolding the dogs playing poker, so there you are.  Not sure what the talk was about that day, but I'm sure it was meaningful.  Here is Grant's picture:

In case it is too small to read, Jaws is wearing a name tag that says "Hello My Name Is Flaws" and saying "In real life I wouldn't deliberately attack the same boat but this is a movie" and Chief Brody is going with the classic "We're gonna need a bigger boat."

Our new neighbors are finally here!  If they turn out to be horrible I may change my tune, but for now it is just really nice to see lighted windows in the house.  Empty houses make me sad, because statistically they're so much more likely to be used as a portal to a Hell dimension, and also because mice will ruin an empty house.  Raccoons too, probably.  Gotta keep an eye on those empty houses is what I'm saying.

Have any of you ever had a pet raccoon, or known someone who did?  One of my dad's customers had a pet raccoon, and I think they finally had to turn it loose because it was so destructive.  They are little whirling dervishes of mayhem.  At my sister-in-law's ranch house we found a smelly puddle that was dripping from the ceiling and it turned out to be pee from a raccoon that had secreted himself between the walls.  Tasty!  Even with those behavioral problems they are pretty cute though.

We pressed 34 gallons of apple cider on Saturday with some of our friends and neighbors.  It was hard work and I got sunburned and I halved so many apples and hauled so much wash water I can't even tell you.  But now we have nine gallons (our share) of sweet, spicy, gorgeous apple cider in our fridge, waiting for us to figure out how to fit it into our freezer.  There's the issue of the side of beef hogging all the shelf space right now.

Another week.  Are we ready?  One thing I know for sure is I am going to eat a crap-ton of candy, and I'm definitely ready for that.