Monday, October 21, 2013

have I possibly gone daffy? what is this?

We are back, and I must tell you it is good to taste vegetables again.  Our entire time in Mexico was spent consuming mass quantities of celebration food (our fault, not Mexico's), and I think we gained as a family roughly eleventy billion pounds.  But what else are we supposed to do in the face of such trials as cocos frios?  The last time I had proper coconut water to drink was on the trip I took to Mexico with my fellow AP Spanish students in high school, and I have held mythic affection for it lo these many years hence.  The Spanish department no longer does that trip, possibly a result either of Senor Allred retiring, lack of funding, or the district finding out how many students sneak rum and Cokes while they're there.

Question:  how many wars, if any, could be solved by the antagonists going grocery shopping in each other's grocery stores?  For as negative and pessimistic as I am, there is a tiny little Pollyanna inside me who believes that one of the first steps of diplomacy is through cuisine.  I think it helps humanize a culture you might have previously seen as unrelatable.  But maybe that's just me.  All I know is I used to hate everyone, and now I just hate all the people who have gross food.  Hurry, let's invade all the places that eat grubs and testicles, ready, set, go!