Thursday, October 31, 2013

oh it took Bell to make the telephone ring and it took Edison to turn on the light

Every day I hear something on the radio that makes me feel excited to get home and start writing a story or a novel or whatever, and then I come home and start visiting my internet haunts and before you know it the kids are home from school and I've pissed away the entire afternoon.  Whoopsie, that's what happens when you have no self-control.  

Can I just say that I am digging this new Pope?  On balance he seems like a class act.  Not that the Catholics are looking for validation from me, I'm sure.  But if they are:  thumbs up, guys.  

This morning on Diane Rehm they were talking about Frankenstein, and I decided that I really need to read that book.  I read a graphic novelization of it when I was young and liked it, but I'm interested to check out the original recipe and see how it compares to Dracula.  Dracula is gripping and scary, but also very much a product of its times re: gender stereotypes, as I've discussed before.  I wonder if Frankenstein is the same way, all paternal/controlling men and wide-eyed wonder every time a woman says something intelligent.  

Maybe I've told you before how the first few times that Grant and Emmett went trick-or-treating we exchanged their candy for a toy and sent the candy to work with John to pawn off on his coworkers.  Then for a few years we rationed the candy and only let the kids have a few pieces a day.  But now we have almost no involvement with their Halloween candy intake, and all the better for it.  Our normal diet is pretty decent, so a yearly candy glut is not going to kill anyone, and it'll allow them to learn how to govern themselves.  I'm trying to turn these people into self-sufficient beings; I don't need a bunch of adult babies walking around not knowing how to control their intake of treats (like me!).  And this lady on Slate agrees with me, so that's nice.  

Now I'm going to try to write a scary story about Thomas Edison.  SPOOOOOOKYYY!


All8 said...

The computer is my big pisser too. Some day when I grow up I want to do better too. Good luck.