Thursday, October 17, 2013

tocapillo barranquilla and perdilla I'm a killer

Estoy en Mexico, possums!  It is maravilloso to the max.  Today I bought a big old painted Dia de los Muertos skull that I am going to display for Halloween and probably the rest of the year and nobody better try to stop me.  Plus I bought a necklace in which the beads are carved to look like skulls, which is going to go great with the necklace I'm going to make someday out of all my children's wisdom teeth.  Stop looking at me like that, it's no different from those weirdos who save locks of hair from the child's first haircut.

We saw and petted a wild Mexican seal and were not bitten, we looked at tide pools, we saw meth-heads come tear all the sea stars off the rocks and try to sell them for ten dollars, and then when that failed, offer to return the sea stars to the ocean for ten dollars.  Ah, meth . . . is there any situation it doesn't make worse?  We have seen La Bufadora, watched game upon game of futbol, spent hours in the ocean, spoken embarrassing Spanglish, haggled with vendors, and eaten many, many tacos.

My internet connectivity has been extremely limited, and it has been good for me.  I'm pretty sure the internet causes as many problems as it solves.  Sure you can find a community of like-minded folks, which for me has been--well, I won't say lifesaving, because that sounds so theatrical, but it's been very helpful for my sanity--but you are also bombarded daily with confirmation that people are just the absolute worst.

If any of you are looking to do some sort of humanitarian/charity-type work, and if you happen to be a veterinarian, then they could really use a spay/neuter clinic down here.  There are a whole bunch of intact male dogs with their junk hanging all out the back like they sat on a pair of hamsters or something, and female dogs with their teats hanging down to their knees . . . it's not a good thing is what I'm saying.  I would do it, but I left my tools at home, darnit.

Well, keep America safe for me until I get back from 45 Minutes Away From America.  I think I heard that the government is functioning again, is that right?  It has been nice to not have to live through every peak and valley of the shutdown resolution negotiations.

Oh!  Another thing we did today is buy churros.  I've always wondered what is the deal with churros, because they taste like play-doh, you guys.  But the ones we had this morning were superb, and I am forced to conclude that churros must be added to the list of things that Americans have imported and subsequently ruined.  Good job, us.