Thursday, October 24, 2013

won't they be impressed I am a genius

We have our Halloween costumes almost all the way ready.  I have given John the year off . . . no, that's not quite true.  What happened was I told him that I was done thinking of costume ideas for him and he's on his own from now on, and if that means he doesn't dress up anymore, then no big.  He just doesn't feel the Halloween spirit like I do, but he has been as supportive of my Halloween zeal as a giant wet blanket could be.

I put together a seriously fantastic outfit yesterday (exaggeration mine).  I'm glad that at the tender age of 37 I'm already able to dress myself in a way that is comfortable, flattering, and context-appropriate.  What I love about this outfit is I used a sweater that I've worn a number of times but never been quite sold on, and it made the whole outfit better.  That's the best, when you find a new, great use for something you've struggled with.  And while we're talking about how old I am, what is up with people who lie about their age?  I had a choir teacher in high school who always said she was 28, and she wasn't fooling anyone, to put it gracefully.  I think they're related to the women who try to be mistaken for their daughters' sisters.  Gross.

Ha ha, the lyrics of "Crazy Train" are so un-Ozzylike.  I remember when someone gave me an Ozzy tape when I was a little girl (don't ask) I played "Killer of Giants" for my mom and explained earnestly to her what a neat song it was because it was anti-war.  Good times.

Some people bought Vilda's house across the street from us.  Word on the street is that they are moving from California, they have young children, and they want to have chickens and a cow.  Are they coming to the right place or what?  They're Chucking It!  It remains to be seen whether they have the California disease, but at least they're among like-minded people.


ten said...

Have you seen the "fantasy football" costume on the internet?

So I gathered that you like cheese, and make your own cheese... and maybe think you want to see this (probably am wrong)

Layne said...

Holy crap. Intriguing! It makes me wonder what my cheese would taste like. Maybe it would be poisonous?

That fantasy football costume is irritating.

ten said...

hahaha maybe mine would be kraft slices