Thursday, October 10, 2013

you better stop the things that you do

Pretty much I want to watch scary movies the whole month of October.  Like all normal people I love Halloween, but not the gross, weird bloody satanic sex orgy it has become.  I like Ray Bradbury Halloween.  The Halloween of my youth and my mother's youth that maybe never really existed.  Neutered Halloween, basically.  ANYWAY, I have all these scary movies I want to watch, and I was showing Grant the trailer for Jaws, and he sat through all that spooky music and narration ("It is as if God created the devil . . . and gave him . . . jaws.") and said, "Umm . . . people used to have a very different idea of what was scary."  And I was like, "Uh, this movie is the reason I am terrified of open water and swimming pools.  Imagine watching it when you were eight years old.  Still not scary?"  Pfft.  He doesn't know what he's talking about.  Maybe I'll show him The Village, too, if he thinks he's so smart.  Question:  which is more scary, the Jaws shark, or Those We Do Not Speak Of?  Hard to say.  Those We Do Not Speak Of gave me nightmares, but . . . great white sharks are a real thing, becoming more used to and less afraid of people all the time because we are a stupid, interfering species.  And people say how slim your chances are of being eaten by a shark, but we're all usually on the land, which I think skews the data.  I would like to see the data for people who make their living in the water.  When I first heard the story of my grandpa whose ship was torpedoed in WWII my greatest concern was that he had to swim to Java through shark-infested waters.  Shudder.  But regarding The Village, should we also talk how you can't ever truly escape evil?  That in fleeing, they brought the evil with them?  What do you think is the long-term prognosis for the village?  I'm guessing failure, ultimately.  Really all they did was press rewind, and their society will doubtless one day be at the same evolutionary (or degenerative) state our world was when they grabbed their go bags.


All8 said...

My last scary movies were "Something Wicked This Way Comes," and "Watcher in the Woods." I don't do scary. Although I do have to admit that "Grimm" has made me a wee bit twitchy about going about in dark places. Ack! I hate scary movies. I think scary movies then were scarier than they are now. Hello, "Fatal Attraction?!" "Jaws!"

Layne said...

I watched "Grimm" on your recommendation, and I like it! It is pretty spooky.

ten said...

Hi Layne

I found your blog via your comments on Tipsybaker, because I found her book by accident and then bought it on purpose and then wanted more, so I found her blog. I'm the creepily frequent traffic coming from Scarborough Ontario on your tracker thing - I mean I saw me there, but I hoped you haven't, but you put that there for a reason and maybe that reason is to find creepers? - Hi!

I enjoy the way you write / see the world, especially the things that get you all lecturey and angry about - dang those up-riding pj pant legs to heckfire! I'm not a Mormon, but as a Christian Canasian(?) I also like it when real-life things make you talk about your faith. Thanks for being cool. One day I hope to be a conscientious and hilarious person/mom like you and Tipsy.

lurking long time,

Layne said...

Welcome, Kristen! I am glad you enjoy my ability to become incensed about trivial matters.

The tracker I have at the bottom of the blog is so I can vicariously travel the world through my readership, since I lack the funds to do it in real life. So thanks for living somewhere exciting! I'm pretty sure your Canadian citizenship will contribute to you becoming both conscientious AND hilarious. I've seen Kids in the Hall, I know of what I speak.