Thursday, November 7, 2013

mr. heavyfoot puts on his pants

I got a glimpse of my future last night. I went along with one of the sister missionaries to do some music for the nursing home, and you know how when people start to get on in years they lose their filters and just say whatever they're thinking?  It's very refreshing.  And when their minds start going it gets even more unvarnished.  Anyway, there was one lady who kept asking people if they were wearing shoes or boots (she was wearing boots), and saying "You need to get some boots.  You can't be in the in crowd if you don't have boots.  Shoes won't work to be in the in crowd.  You need to go get some boots.  You've got to have boots in the wintertime." So I talked to her about how boots are the best ever and keep you from having cold ankles in the winter, and she worked that into her routine as well.  You guys, she is my boot sister!  I will be like her someday, only with more swearing and hitting.


All8 said...

You made her day! I'll bet you wear boots every time you go back there.

beckster said...

I'll save you a seat by the tapioca! We can curse, lecture, and annoy to our content!