Monday, November 25, 2013

no one else around believes me, but the children on the block they teased me

Okay.  Surely, surely this guy is trolling us.  I refuse to believe that he is for real with these pie rankings.  On what planet would someone seriously rank peanut butter pie above apple?  Peanut butter pie, are you kidding me right now?  Bean pie, lolwut?  French silk higher than any of the cream pies?  Who has ever had a French silk pie worth talking about?  Not me, that's for sure.  French silk is such a lazy pie, because it knows that it doesn't even have to be that good for people to be all, "Oooh chocolate marph marph marph."  They can't even tell if it's a good pie or not because they've already told themselves it is.  I like chocolate, love it even, and French silk leaves me cold.

 What do you think is the most egregious error in this list?   I don't think I can even pick just one.  There are so many offenses that every time I think I've decided on the worst I read another one and my jaw drops anew. 


amy greenway said...

#1 is my first concern. I've lived in the south a couple of times. I know sweet potato pie is loved by many. Not me, so much. It's fine, but it wouldn't make top 19.
-Bean pie made the list? That's ridiculous. I've never eaten it, so maybe I just don't know what I'm missing but I'd put a solid bet that it wouldn't make my list. His inclusion of this makes me think he was just trying to keep things interesting, therefore I can't take him seriously.
-I love blueberries but IMO they're far better fresh than cooked so if we're looking for a cooked berry pie, wild huckleberry is my pick. SO yummy.
-If you're making a true custard for your coconut cream pie, there is no need for plain custard pie on the list.
-While French silk is too high on the list I would have been personally offended had he listed French silk pecan pie. Such a desecration of pecan pie. It never should never have been created. Bleck!

tipsybaker said...

I've made and eaten bean pie and it is not bad, but he just put it in there for the outrage.
Both my children requested grasshopper pie this year. I'm not sure that would make my top 1000 list.