Tuesday, November 19, 2013

you gotta know that this is real baby, why you wanna fight it

You know how sometimes you get up and you get going on your day, and you start making lunches and doing laundry and washing dishes, and then whoops, it's eleven o'clock and you haven't showered yet?  And maybe I am just a gross dirty person, but when I'm in that situation, showering sounds like a total hassle, like it's a step backward in productivity or something.  I'm sitting on the couch right now in my sleeping/"exercising" clothes, and I'm having the devil's own time convincing myself to go and wash my body.  Boy, the major grievances that are part and parcel with life as a middle-class American, do you feel me? 

Today on my mosey I listened to  a bunch of the "Spanish in 180 Seconds with Senor Nance" podcasts I've downloaded.  I learned all manner of tenses, and my brain is bigger already.  Grant finally has Spanish again, and he has the same great but scary teacher I had in junior high.  Last night I told him "Vamos a hablar solamente en Espanol ahora, si?" and he looked at me like I had lobsters crawling out of my ears.  So no career in the foreign service quite yet. 

I bought a bunch of little bowls and saucers at the hardware store yesterday, and have called all my sisters and sisters-in-law to try to convince them to buy some as well, because I feel so strongly that everybody should have nice white dishes.  I don't know what I was thinking when I bought butter-yellow Pfaltzgraff for my wedding dishes.  DUMB.  I got rid of them when we moved here and bought white Homer Laughlin stoneware from the D.I., because if you keep your eyes open, every once in a while there will be a glut of matching dishes, like a restaurant was offloading an old service.  I also bought a bunch of flatware yesterday because the set we got as a wedding gift was hideous, and it's taken me this long--fifteen years, you guys--to get all the way out from under it.  Bleh.  Be careful with your wedding registry, I guess is what my message is.  White dishes, classic lines.  No toaster ovens. 


beckster said...

Agree, as usual, with everything you said, except I love my toaster oven! I do a lot of cooking in that puppy, it convects, it broils, it toasts, it bakes, it is a veritable cooking machine. In the summer, it doesn't heat up the kitchen. In the winter, it's just convenient. How long has it been since you have looked at a toaster oven? It's not your mother's toaster oven anymore! Wow, I'm amazed I had that much passion for my toaster oven!

Layne said...

Ha, I felt a little conflicted typing that because we got so much enjoyment out of our toaster oven. My main complaint about them is I hate having something else on the counter.

All8 said...

Amen on the white and classy.