Thursday, November 21, 2013

you keep thinking that you'll never get burned--ha!

Last night at planning and zoning I found myself once again in a conversation with a person who doggedly insisted that Hooters is a fine restaurant with great wings.  WHY DO I ONLY KNOW HOOTERS CUSTOMERS?  And they're always so pleased with themselves, like they're sticking it to The Man, fighting back against the narrow-minded prudes who are offended by the bastion of good taste that is Hooters.  Look, liking Hooters does not mean you are open-minded, or progressive, or "sex-positive," or whatever garbage you're telling yourself . . . okay, it might mean you are sex-positive, I'm not going to work my way through all the possible meanings contained within that genital wart of a term.  But to my point: I have not yet encountered a Hooters defender who doesn't let drop this gem:  "Their wings are great!"  Right.  RIGHT.  And I'm sure that's why you go there, instead of, say, all the other places that also serve reheated garbage food.  Nothing to do with the boobs, I'm sure.  Here's the thing:  Hooters is a place where knuckle-dragging meatheads drool over their idea of the perfect woman: subservient, cosmetically enhanced, and bearing trays of the most American of American foods.  If you eat at Hooters, you think women are objects, not people.  It's as simple as that.  What was most bizarre to me is that this man is a husband and father--a father of daughters, even.  I'd always assumed that the Hooters clientele is composed mainly of bros and Matt Foleys.  But nope.  I am baffled by his cognitive compartmentalization.  Whatever.  He has the right to be a tacky pervert and I have the right to call a spade a spade. 


All8 said...

Every time I hear of Hooters, I think of your blog and the poster that wanted a companion restaurant called Peckers. (Yes, I'm laughing because I have the humor caliber of a 12 year old boy.) Of course people would go there for the....uh, gizzards. Just like people "read" porn mags for the "articles" and go to Hooters for the "wings".

All of this reminds me of the members who went to the BoM musical. As if it made them better than those that shunned it. Whatev's.

Good luck with your city planning and have no doubt that if he doesn't learn the lesson now, he will later. It's just the way it is.

beckster said...

Hooray, somebody remembered Peckers! Yes, I am the poster with the dream of opening a chain of restaurants called Peckers. I think it would a fascinating cultural experiment for feminists, don't you think? Muse on the menu, the accoutrements, the outfits! I agree with everything you said, Layne. It is mind-boggling that a man could love and/or respect any woman and still go to Hooters.

tipsybaker said...

Have you been to Hooters, Layne? Do women go? Or is it exclusively for men?

Layne said...

I've never been . . . but there are articles that crop up now and then written by women, defending Hooters. They trot out the standard talking points: The wings are great, the outfits aren't that bad. Examination/dissection of their motivation for these defenses would require a better forum than a comment section, but I think we can make some deductions.

Frankly, the outfits aren't that bad. I'm sure we all see much skimpier clothing just walking around. But the way they have chosen to differentiate themselves--with their name, with their marketing--requires that their clientele be the sort of people who are amenable to objectifying women.

I can't speak for the food, but I imagine it's like Applebee's or similar. Pass. I DO NOT understand the fascination with wings.