Monday, November 4, 2013

you'd know what a drag it is to see you

I just got done at the school--every Monday I go out there and volunteer for an hour in Ike's class and an hour and a half in Willa's class.  The rewards are manyfold:
1.  I get to keep tabs on how things are going in their classes.
2.  I get to do something valuable that helps both the teachers and the students.
3.  Even if I don't accomplish anything for the rest of the week I can still put a tick in the plus column because:  I totally helped some kids learn.
4.  Most three-day weekends affect Mondays, so I don't even have to be there every week.  Ha!

As you can imagine, the kids who are doing poorly are also the kids whose parents are not fully engaged in their education or their care and feeding.  Some of them look and smell like they live in the hyena house at the zoo and it makes me want to find their parents and choke them.  But I just smile at their cute little neglected faces and ask them how they're doing and try to make sure their interaction with me is positive.  I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm a hero and you should bow down and pay obeisance to me because I selflessly give to my own children's school the same amount of time it would take to watch one movie.

Willa's class is a sack of bobcats and I don't know what is her teacher's problem.  Discipline is arbitrarily meted out and the class just bounces back and forth between Loud and Very Loud in amplitude, with randomly selected children being given punishments that vary in severity according to a metric whose logic escapes me.  Not impressed.

When I was repeating my script to one of the kids in Ike's class today I got to the part where I say "If you don't know a word I will read it for you," and the kid said, "Like that would happen."  Confident!  He then speed-read the passage and even though he made way more errors because of this, he still blew everyone away word-count-wise.  Looks like somebody's parents value education . . .

Here's the part where I hubristically criticize other people's parenting methods.  We know some parents who micromanage their kids' Halloween candy intake, but allow them to run rampant in other people's houses, kicking balls at the walls and ceiling, punching and screaming at each other and their parents, destroying other people's belongings, and basically making everyone's lives miserable.  It's impossible to have any kind of a conversation around them because it's total mayhem and everyone keeps looking at each other, wondering how bad it has to get before one of the other parents can step in and bring things under control, getting more and more annoyed with the two people who are actually responsible but are blithely ignoring the atrocious behavior of their spoiled little monsters.  Like they have chosen a completely hands-off parenting style EXCEPT in the rigid control of once-yearly sweets.  Such a weird place to draw a line.  I imagine it's somewhat confusing for their kids.  And now one or more of my own children is going to do something unforgivable because I got on my high horse.


All8 said...

You are my hero. And yes, they will do exactly what you have purported that they will not, right about ........... now.

(If it is in front of someone that you have made your stance known, they will probably do it twice just for good measure. Such is life.)