Friday, December 13, 2013

and his name that sat on him was death

I read the book Salt, Sugar, Fat this summer, and in it the author talks about something called a "bliss point" in manufactured food--the point at which those three elements are in perfect proportion to each other--any more and the food would be sickening, any less and it wouldn't be quite as compelling and addictive.  Ladies and gentlemen, this song is, I think, a perfect example of my specific bliss point in pop music:

Slow build: check
Thumping bass and drums: check
Pleasing chord progression: check
A cappella/minimalist middle section: check
Huge chorus following a cappella section: check
Power singing/yelling: check
Black choir: check

I could go on, but this song is basically a chocolate-covered potato chip.  I am powerless against it.  And the metaphor extends, because the song is ultimately not that satisfying or nourishing, and I'm sure I will eventually tire of it.  But for now I'm listening to it on almost constant repeat.

It has a similar energizing effect to "All These Things That I've Done" by the Killers.  Did I ever tell you that I cried the first few times I watched the Nike commercial that uses that song?  CRIED.  In a Nike commercial.  So gross of me.  But, in my defense:

The animals?  The running?  The falling down?  (We won't talk about the complicated stories of some of the athletes.)  When people are running I can't help myself.  I have cried in every single one of my sisters' races, and I can't even adequately explain why.  It's like listening to Mariah Carey set her voice free--I am a sucker for effort and mastery and the unconquerable human spirit and so on.  For a cynic I am very tender-hearted.

Now I want to compile a list of all the perfect songs, nourishing and otherwise.