Wednesday, December 11, 2013

claim your space--cesar would agree

There's a lady in our town who has the absolute worst posture.  She's barely older than I am and bends over so far she looks like she has a dowager's hump, and my interactions with her have led me to believe that she is self-conscious of her height.  She's probably around 5'11", and her personality is very . . . subdued, and I think she's subconsciously trying to make herself smaller.  Like she wants to be an extra instead of a lead.  That's fine--the world has plenty of leads.  But her bad posture makes her seem weak and insecure, which I don't love.  Not all tall women want to stride around like the magnificent genetically blessed gazelles that they are, but I hate when people don't own their space.  It's so submissive, in a way which is anathema to me.  I want to run my fingernails down her spine and bark "STAND UP STRAIGHT!" at her. I had a friend whose dad used to do that--he was former military and had had a grenade blow up in his face and supposedly the doctors left a piece of cotton in his head when they operated on him, so he was a little bit kooky.  Not sure how much of that story is true, but he was definitely into correct posture. 

I used to slump really badly when I had little babies.  Babies are the worst for posture because you're always cradling and nursing and rocking and you tend to protectively curl yourself around them like a cheesy ceramic figurine until the habit has turned you into a hunchback. 

John is a slumper, too--not as pronounced as the neighbor lady, but he has a very laid-back personality, and I think he is sensitive to how huge he seems to people.  I guess it's nice to not want to scare people, but he can do that by having calm, assertive energy and still standing up straight.  It works on dogs, it should work on people. 

So stand up straight, everyone.  You look like schmucks. 


ten said...

sigh, how do you know my lifelong struggle? i am also 5"2'