Monday, December 2, 2013

how lovely are your pickles

Sometimes I wonder if people purposely wait until they're in a steady relationship before they publicly announce that they're gay because the intense media scrutiny of your sex life while you're not even dating would be demoralizing.  Like the entire world becomes your prying aunt who worries that you're too bossy to keep a man. 

I'm so happy that this song got made before George Jones died.  It's perfection. 

I need more pie weights for the times when I'm blind baking more than one crust, and unfortunately the King's in Tremonton has decided to raise its game in the marble department, so they only have those fancy theme-colored ones that are $3 a pack for about fifteen marbles.  Boo!  Where are the cheap ones with the nondescript swirls inside?  Maybe the dollar store can be my friend. 

If any of you have a good idea for John for Christmas, let me know.  He's impossible. 


g. lo said...

would you worry that the cheap marbles could explode? who brings store bought pie to Thanksgiving? I don't even care if I sound elitist.

tipsybaker said...

What about keeping a big jar of beans and reusing? I have a jar of beans and rice that's been going for more than a decade.

beckster said...

I use beans as well. They last forever, and they are so cheap that if they burn, you can just toss them.