Monday, December 16, 2013

I got all pig iron

I have been given an assignment by my guitar instructor to go out and listen to a bunch of different styles of guitar music and then rank them from most to least favorite.  He doesn't have classic country as an option, though--the artists he lists in the country category are Keith Urban, Brad Paisley and Garth Brooks.  Barf, pass.  I don't like modern country music.  The exaggerated accents and provincialism seem so much better when seen through the haze of numerous intervening decades.  Whither Johnny Cash, is what I'm saying.  Maybe I want to learn to play "Rock Island Line," is that so wrong?

You guys, the school has taken away the volunteer parents' laminating privileges.  Evidently there was an incident and now we aren't trusted with the laminator anymore, even though I heard from a trusted source that it was actually a teacher who had the accident!  Ooh, intrigue!  All I know is that when I laminated some Christmas trees for Willa's teacher I was the powningest powner who ever powned.

Ugh, last night I melted one of my wrap dresses on the gas fireplace in the parlor, and I am so peeved about it.  I was just backing up next to the glass and thought, "I should not stand so close or I'll melt my dress," and then I smelled the burning.  Stupid polyester fabrics.  It was a great dress, too, and I got it for a steal.  I just really love wrap dresses, and now I'm one down and it was my best one!  Sniff.