Monday, December 23, 2013

product may stay: hearts for hearts dolls

Hearts For Hearts Girls
Okay okay okay, I know that it's the 23rd of December and you already have all your presents bought, and most of you probably don't have daughters in the play-with-dolls phase of their lives, but this is still important information.  Last year when I was Christmas shopping I found the most beautiful doll for Willa, from a company called Hearts for Hearts (parent company Playmates Toys, also home to such products as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).  Here is their website.  But anyway, they have a line of dolls, each with her own story of how she is making the world a better place (we got Consuelo, who is from Mexico), and a dollar of the purchase price is contributed to a child-focused charity in that doll's region.  I don't know how much of an effect any of that would make, but it beats the heck out of nothing.  I like that there's at least some effort being made to teach little girls that they can be instruments of change.  I also like that it's at a price point I can stomach.  I would be sick if Willa were to mess up an American Girl doll, because that's a substantial investment.  But I can buy three of these for the price of one American Girl.  They are about 14 inches tall, they have nice hair that you can brush and style, though it is not quite as thick as an American Girl, and they do not have a huge line of expensive accessories, but they are very well made, and I think they're an incredible value for the money. Willa plays with Consuelo all the time and a year later she still looks great.  If you do want to buy one, Amazon is not your friend right now, because for some reason their prices have skyrocketed (on Lego as well, which makes me thankful I did my shopping so long ago).  Target is the place for you--I saw Shola there a couple of weeks ago.  If I could, I would buy every single one of these dolls.  I've already bought two more because I can't resist (Lauryce and Shola).  Do it, you guys.  Product absolutely may stay. 


Amy said...

I laughed out loud at your picture of Krampus! Happy New Year to you. Brian and I loved reading John's quotes in the newspaper story on Voice Male.