Wednesday, December 18, 2013

we've not yet lost all our graces

I'm glad that there are people out there who are gagging just as hard as I am about R. Kelly's recent resurgence into popularity.  I saw his album cover the other day, and who could have foreseen that a sex predator would have such a tacky, sexist album cover?  Mysterious.

Have you ever watched the "Just the Tips" videos?  I watched the "Swants" one last night and laugh-cried just a little bit . . . okay, I just watched it again, and it might be the sleep deprivation talking but I laugh-cried again, so maybe you should check it out.

Yesterday when I was doing my Costco shopping trip/worship service there was a guy demo-ing Vitamixes, and I ganked one of the samples--he had put raw spinach in it, the dumb dummy, but also a lime so: forgiven--and the guy asked me if I knew anybody with a Vitamix.  I got a little bit confused and told him my sister-in-law has one (she actually has a Blendtec; it's Tipsy who has the Vitamix, but oh well), and he said "Well, you can't let your sister-in-law win this one!"  Look, guy, first of all, I've apparently given you the wrong impression that I'm welcoming a deeper level of intimacy in this conversation by telling you about my family's appliances, and second, I don't like the intra-familial class warfare you're trying to incite here.  My sister-in-law and I are just fine, and if she has more disposable income than I do that's just fine, too.  I will not be baited like this, and encouraged to spend money I don't have on your fancy blending machine.  I have a blender already, and it is sufficient for my needs.  Although, a larger jar for the blender I have would not be amiss, if you're listening, Bosch people.  (They are not listening.  If they were they would have deep-sixed the indescribably hideous new design and gone back to the classic Bosch shape.)

I mean seriously.  What a monstrosity.  And what about that huge lip on the bowl so that when you put it in the dishwasher it collects a repulsive soup of food, detergent, and water?  My mother-in-law has this new design because her old one got broken somehow, and I pity her every day.  Call me shallow, but that design is ugly enough to keep me from buying a Bosch, no matter how durable it is.  I'm so glad I bought mine fifteen years ago. 


tipsybaker said...

That is ugly indeed. It reminds me of the pot they keep hot wax in at the brow-waxing place. So appetizing.

g. lo said...

OMG, now I am imagining the blender at a bikini waxing place.