Thursday, January 9, 2014

and if you were a seed I know I'd be a pod

I have developed a small obsession with paletas, which are those delightful Mexican popsicles that are somehow more delicious than other popsicles. We buy them now and then at our favorite Mexican take-out place, and we bought them a few times last fall on our vacation.  I was looking at cookbooks at the library the other day and saw a paleta cookbook (called Paletas, strangely enough) and now I'm waiting for my more-authentically-shaped paleta mold to arrive so I can start making them for real.  The popsicle mold we have makes round ones, which quite frankly ruins the whole experience.  The flavor I'm most excited to make is avocado.  I will not tell the children what it is until afterward.  They used to drink avocado smoothies when they were babies, but I haven't done that for a long time and I know they will resist.

Something that warms the cockles of my heart is that, according to the cookbook, Mexicans have their own conflicting origin stories for paletas, just like Americans do about ice cream.  I like when people are passionate about food and interested in where it came from and why.  Even though it usually ends up with us eating too much and spending a lot of money I really enjoy these food infatuations I go through now and then.  I feel like it adds variety to my life and makes me a more well-rounded person.  Travel through food.  I think the reason a lot of my fantasy foods are Mexican is because of the circumstances of my first trip there.  It was a magical land of enchantment.  What foods do you guys obsess about, and why? 


g. lo said...

makes me miss Texas..I love me a paleta...also love the Juno soundtrack..and I want to be there the next time you make a Reuben.

beckster said...

You will love this book! My favorite paleta is the avocado one from this book. This is a great post; it reminds me of the return of warm weather. You will have fun making paletas, and it's such a "healthy" dessert. I'm like you, I think, I obsess about new food more consistently than anything else.

tipsybaker said...

I have the same feelings about Mexico -- I think it was the first foreign country I loved and I've never gotten over it. It was very sad the last time I was in Mexico City and the people at the hotel basically wouldn't let us go out except in taxis they themselves had vetted.) Food enthusiasms are the best. Sometimes I ask myself, what's the POINT? There is no point, but you should succumb to them whenever possible. I will check out Paletas.

ten said...

haha Juno song! how do you choose post titles?

i think any food can be obsession worthy depending on how it's made, what's in it... but, vietnamese cuisine! they come up with magical balance/contrasts. rolling fresh delicate herbs with charred meat in rice paper... putting bright fresh cilantro, lime, bean sprouts on pho soup, simmered, subtle, cinnamon-y... i can maybe do this forever? they're geniusessess

Christin said...

Right now I'm obsessed with sourdough breads and lentils. I never thought I'd love lentils, and yet we have had four meals involving lentils in the last week and they are all in my top 50 favorites. I think that discovering a different variety (the speckly green ones) caused this infatuation. Paletas look like a worthy food obsession.

Layne said...

G.lo--Even without the sauerkraut this sandwich was so much better than a Reuben. It makes me think that Reubens were meant to have Havarti all along, not Swiss.

Beckster--I'm glad you can vouch for the avocado paletas. I've been poking the avocados every day, waiting to pounce as soon as they're ripe. But not *too* ripe, as I remember that giving the smoothies an unpleasant savory taste.

Tipsy--Was it because of all the inter-cartel warfare? Rosarito was very quiet and safe, but people in America were very worried on our behalf.

Ten--I usually name my posts by whatever song is stuck in my head at the moment. And I concur about Vietnamese food! I can get good pho and good banh mi here, but the yogurt remains tantalizingly out of reach.

Christin--Yes, those French lentils are so, so much better. And good sourdough bread is a wonderful thing. I love the idea that it's full of local yeasts just floating around in my house. Seems like magic.