Monday, January 27, 2014

I already know, I heard it from HIIIIIIM

Oh my gosh I am so mad about the pencil sharpeners at the school, and I'm probably going to write a letter about it . . . but to whom?  The school board?  The superintendent?  Who is responsible for my children's school not having a single decent electric pencil sharpener?  Why does Utah spend so little on education?  What is being done with the money we do spend?  Boondoggle trips to South America to rent prostitutes and do blow?  Secret illegal exotic animal hoarding?  PROBABLY.  I shall investigate.

I have a couple of sad, sad armchairs whose upholstery is 1. powder blue and 2. dingy.  Untenable.  I refuse to reupholster them because the attendant cursing would def. keep me out of heaven.  But I saw a lady on the internet paint Rit dye on her old nasty chairs and it worked, she says there's no rub-off, and I am totally going to dye my chairs charcoal gray.  Wish me luck! 

Today's paleta rankings:
1.  naranja con zanahoria/orange with carrot:  delicious
2.  galletas y crema/cookies and cream: delicious, maybe a tiny bit too sweet?
3.  limón/lemon:  very good, superb texture, almost too intense though 


beckster said...

I definitely want a report on your upholstery dyeing project. You are brave! Are those paletas in the book? I don't remember the carrot/orange, but that does sounds delicious.

All8 said...

It's going to all the touchy, feely training instead of education; which may or may not involve exotic animals.

Personally, I Want a Great Pencil Sharpener for home. A manual one would be just fine.

I too want to know how your chairs turn out. Plenty of pics included.