Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I just settled all my lawsuits so . . .

Today while Grant and I were on the way home from his trumpet lesson the local classic rock station was doing one of those emotional "the greatest music ever made" introductions in which they give back story and context to an artist and song, just really hyping the crap out of it, and then they played . . . Bob Seger's "Night Moves."  Holy cow, talk about a letdown.  That song is, like, not powerful.  I don't care how popular it was--it's a lame song.  It's the sort of song that Pal guy at the bowling alley in Uncle Buck would think was a real classy lady-wooer.  You know, this guy:

"Night Moves" indeed.  Barf.

Grant hates Justin Timberlake to such a degree that if any of his current songs come on the radio (especially "Mirrors,") Grant cries out in disgust "Ugh, I HATE this song.  It's so STUPID!"  And I can't really argue with him--it's not a great effort.  But I do feel like it's my duty to introduce him to some of JT's better works.  Hence, "Cry Me a River" on our Spotify playlist.  It's a great song.   Now Grant grudgingly admits that some of Justin Timberlake's music is kind of cool, and that's good enough.  I barely listen to any of the Timberlake oevre, I just want him to be open-minded.

I went to a panaderia for lunch yesterday, and was sorely tempted to order in Spanish, but I chickened out.  Do you think the proprietor would have felt like a zoo animal, or would he have been happy that someone was at least attempting to speak his native language?  He was much more conversant in English than I am in Spanish, but even so, our transaction could have been in stilted Spanish rather than stilted English.  I know I'm never going to get better if I never actually speak Spanish, and as I sat at the table and second-guessed myself, I ran through my order in my head, and I think I could have done it all in Spanish and made myself understood.  Maybe I should just take the leap.  

You know how when you're holding a cat and you go to put it down, it just sort of pours out of your hands?  That's weird.  Cats are weird. 


tipsybaker said...

You should just speak Spanish! Try.

beckster said...

I think you should tell him you are trying to learn Spanish and ask for his help in polishing your accent. I find that everyone responds well to an honest request for help. I bet he would be flattered to help you with your Spanish, and neither of you would feel awkward.