Friday, January 17, 2014

I love to give the girls a whirl to the music of an old jukebox

Well, as you probably guessed, my terrible, spoiled children hate the avocado paletas.  They are dumb--I love paletes de aguacate and plan on serving one to my sister when she gets home from Guatemala.  I bet SHE'LL like them just fine, since she'll have been eating crazy stuff for 18 months.  Avocado popsicles are probably way, way down on the list of weird crap she has to eat, definitely placing lower than tamales with hair and bones in them.  I also made some piña colada paletas (By the way, do you see that I have learned how to make the "ñ" now? Technology!) and they won't eat those either.  Jerkfaces.  Why do I even try?

I had to take my mixer in to be serviced yesterday, because the knob on the speed lever cracked and fell off, and they have to basically dismantle the entire mixer to replace it.  Seems like a design flaw.  But it's probably a good thing to have it looked at and and put back into tip-top shape, since it's been running like a champ for almost fourteen years now.  I got it for my first Mother's Day gift after Grant was born, and I know that sounds like an item on one of those lists that warns men what not to buy for their wives, because it makes them seem sexist (like washing machines or lingerie or cookware), but I was stoked.  A good mixer for someone who likes to cook is a fine present, fellas.  Maybe instead of reading lists about what to buy your wife you should just ask her what she wants.  And if she is passive-aggressive and wants you to guess what she wants, then you can buy her a year of marriage counseling for the two of you.  BOOM, another million-dollar idea from me. 


beckster said...

Well I am glad you liked the avocado paleta. I am not surprised that your kids did not like them. I finally got my husband to try one, and he was not impressed. The pina colada ones sound divine! I believe that we just have much better developed palates, don't you? I have had a lot of fun being creative with paletas.

tipsybaker said...

Avocado is bound to be controversial, but pina colada is a surprise. What's not to like?

Layne said...

I think it's a texture thing. John won't eat those no-bake cookies either because of the in-your-face oatmeal texture, and Grant refuses to eat anything with zest. Weirdos.