Thursday, January 2, 2014

may your windmill spin forevermore

Well, I finally had time over the Christmas break to watch Blackfish.  Hoo boy.  Very gripping, very sad.  You can go here and read/sign a petition to rehabilitate Tilikum. 

How was your holiday?  Ours was wonderful.  We spent a lot of time with our families and ate some incredible food.  I made a pavlova for Christmas Eve and a blitz torte for New Year's Eve, so there's been a lot of meringue around here.  I pretty much nailed it on the present front with John and the kids, which made me proud.  John gave me a sharpener for my Asian knives, so I can finally chop and slice with impunity--I bought a beautiful 8-inch Shun while I was in Australia, but I haven't dared use it because I only had a German-style sharpener.  We read a lot of Harry Potter book 7.  Willa got tonsillitis.  We did a progressive lunch in Salt Lake with the kids, with barbecue at R&R, then macarons and kouign-amann and shortbread at Les Madeleines, then waffles at Bruges.  We also watched some movies at the planetarium, one about Jerusalem that made me want to live there, and one about the Hubble telescope that I thought would be way boring but was fascinating.

Now it's back to normal life, and I must admit that I'm really enjoying the alone time.  I loved having everyone home, but it's hard to get anything done when you're in a constant state of celebration.