Wednesday, January 15, 2014

son I've made a livin' out of readin' people's faces

John had a marketing professor in MBA school who once asked the class this question:  Is it Coke or toilet paper?  The argument is that if Coke goes on sale and you buy a bunch of it, your consumption of Coke is very likely to increase correspondingly, so in the end you didn't really save money.  But if toilet paper goes on sale it makes sense to stock up because having more toilet paper on hand is not going to increase your consumption, unless you're eating it or something, in which case you are dang weird and deserve your attendant gastrointestinal difficulties.  So when in the thrall of a discount, you need to ask yourself if it's Coke or toilet paper.  This morning I was putting on my red boots, and I wondered to myself if they were Coke or toilet paper.  I think shoes are usually toilet paper, especially classic styles--in fact, having more pairs makes your shoes last longer, so it's like double toilet paper or something.  If the discount encourages you to buy something you ordinarily wouldn't and then you never wear it, that's Coke.  I think it was in Tim Gunn's book where I read that you shouldn't buy something on sale that you wouldn't buy for full price.  That's good advice (unless you're interested in trying out a new style to see if it works for you and you don't want to over-invest).  I feel like my boots were toilet paper, and maybe I'm just trying to justify the rather large expense, but I was going to be buying boots anyway, so why not get these for the price of a lesser boot?  If I were rich I'd probably buy only Frye boots--my experience, though limited, leads me to believe that they are the rare beast that actually lives up to its press.  Plus the Sabrina style is the perfect boot.  It exactly straddles the line between dressy and casual, city and country.  The heel is tall enough to elongate your legs, but low enough to still be very wearable.  They are comfortable all day long and I love them beyond description. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I want more boots.  Seems pretty much like toilet paper to me.


tipsybaker said...

toilet paper for sure!

ten said...

i think actually Coke also increases toilet paper consumption... so coke is double coke?!

Amy said...

I LOVE these!!!