Wednesday, January 22, 2014

word to your moms, I came to drop bombs

I have averted a return shipping disaster this morning, so I feel accomplished already, and it's only 8:17.

I made two kinds of paletas over the long weekend--frambuesa y crema and platano, for those of us speaking Spanglish, or raspberry and cream and banana for others.  The raspberry ones are pretty great, I have to say.  Here are the paleta flavors I've made, ranked in order of deliciousness:
1.  toronja/grapefruit--so bright and refreshing
2.  frambuesa y crema/raspberry and cream
3.  piña colada
4.  aguacate/avocado
5.  platano/banana
6.  coco, kiwi y limón/coconut, kiwi and lime--would have placed higher if the kiwis had not been so badly deteriorated 

The list format is misleading.  Really it should be a table, like this:

Frambuesa y Crema
Very Good
Piña Colada

Coco, Kiwi y Limón

One thing I will say:  paletas are way easier to make than pies.  While I was making the Thanksgiving pies our friends ordered I came to the realization that I am unlikely to have a successful pie-making business, at least a daily one.  Each pie I make is like a little baby that I fuss and fret over, and I'm incredibly inefficient.  I can see people calling me and ordering a pie or two here and there, but something that I did with regularity would put me in the loony bin.  And I chafe so at the restriction of a schedule that I bet even a quarterly scheduled pie sale would make me resentful.  So I will just put that idea back on the shelf for another time.

At what point does me making paletas become cultural appropriation?  For reals, though.  When?  


tipsybaker said...

Can a culture own popsicles? I think you're good. I enjoy reading about this paleta phase of yours very much.

ten said...

what's in the grapefruit one? i love the fruit.

Layne said...

Just 2 cups of grapefruit juice and some simple syrup--3/4 C water to 1 cup of sugar. They are so good.