Monday, February 24, 2014

certainly not about my one hundred percent compliant children

So, tonight we had to go to Grant's soccer practice after piano lessons, so we brought along a picnic dinner to sell it as a feature to the other children, rather than a punishment.  Also we had to do something family-ish, else we be cast into the lake of fire and brimstone for not observing FHE.  I'm not sure how to delicately say this, but two little girls who were with us pooped the park.  Like, snuck over to a pile of leaves and threw down a BM, then buried it in the leaves.  When our kids ran over and told us what had happened John went on a poop retrieval and disposal mission, but was unable to locate it.  He is such a good citizen.  I would say it was an unfortunate clash of poor timing and ignorance, but the elder of the two girls also pooped on the floor of the park restroom last summer, and thought it was ever so funny.  Does this make you all feel just a wee bit better about your child who bit other toddlers?  It should. 

Every year about this time I am forcefully reminded that I do not cope well emotionally with winter.  I need my Vitamin D or whatever.  This morning the children were late getting up, slow getting ready, Grant rejected his scrambled eggs because they were "too salty," then Ike sequestered himself in the upstairs bathroom, where he is not permitted to void in the first place, and then Grant and Emmett blamed him for their being late getting their teeth brushed and hair combed, overlooking the fact that if they had gotten up at six like they were supposed to IT WOULDN'T HAVE MATTERED, and then Grant missed the bus and I was finally so overcome with fury that I threw a plastic food storage container and broke it.  It makes me sad because I liked that container.  I guess I was also a bad example of how to process anger and frustration.  Well, another day, another headache.  Also I have tendinitis in my elbow from playing the guitar.  Why is that the preferred spelling?  It looks so wrong to me.  It should be tendonitis.  


tipsybaker said...

You should be glad it was only a plastic food container. One day I threw Owen's phone and broke it. Fortunately, it was an old hand-me-down phone, but still. He can use it but can't see the numbers he dials on the display anymore and he always crows about this, announcing how it got broken to anyone who will listen.