Friday, February 21, 2014

papa shut the goldurn door

Paleta update:  so far our favorite is the toronja/grapefruit flavor.  John doesn't care for them because he is weird, but the children and I CANNOT GET ENOUGH of them.  We are crazy about them.  I made some fresa/strawberry ones last week and I think are in the Good category.  Texturally odd, because of the many small strawberry chunks.  Too jammy.  John liked them a lot more than I did, but he agrees that they would be better with some sweet cream mixed in. I ordered another mold this morning, because it's time.  I'm sick of not being able to make twenty paletas simultaneously!  I demand faster, more frequent access to the frozen treats of my choice.  Is this America or not? 

By the way, I think pies have begun trending, because recently there have been a few magazine mentions of specialty pie shops opening up.  Also I read another one about specialty cake doughnuts.  So basically I was right like I always am.  In a perfect world, a world in which I was a harder worker, I would be part of this burgeoning pie trend, but in the here and now I am going to sit this one out.  I don't like having my pies rushed, and I know my quality would drop if I were cranking out ten or more a day.  And it's not like my pies are SO AMAZING or anything--they're just homemade.  That's it.

I don't think our goats got bred this year.  The buck was pretty small, and we never saw sexual congress of any kind happening out there.  They certainly don't look very chubby yet, although I guess they'd still have a while to go before they really start showing.  I will be sorry if we don't have any kids--last year's breech kidding was pretty exhilarating and I do so love being a goat midwife.


beckster said...

Thanks for the paleta update, Layne. I think my favorite is still the avocado one, but I do like grapefruit paletas very much as well, especially if they are made with Texas reds. Since we are getting into prime paleta weather, I am enthused to try lots of new kinds combos this summer.
I meant to comment on your last post as my dad was an accomplished artist like Ralphie's. One of the funniest moments I had with him occurred when I was in my 40's, when I let the F bomb drop in front of him. He actually looked at me with a straight face and asked me where I learned to curse like that! Hilarious!
I'm sure you could be the volunteer goat midwife at large in your community. You'd be famous!