Monday, March 10, 2014

gimme the rye, you old bag

John got home last night from a short trip to South Carolina, and gave me an interesting bit of knowledge.  It seems to be a common custom down there that when people go on double dates the men sit in the front seat and the women in the back.  What is this about? 

I checked out a book called "Straw Bale Gardening."  Looks promising.  I think I'll slap a couple of bales on my patio and then I won't even have to go very far to water them.  I get lazier and lazier every year, and now with my children all running hither and yon to various extracurricular activities I guess I've finally become everything I hate!  No garden, earth-ruining car, constant errand-running trips to town, buying eggs.  Good job, me.  In days of yore I would cast judgmental eyes on all the families that were running their children from heck to breakfast to sports activities and dance and music lessons and think, "They need to get their priorities in line.  One sport and one musical instrument is plenty."  But then my kids started growing up, and they needed to get their wiggles out, and guess what?  One sport and one instrument per child, times four children, is an insane level of chasing.  And as we know, rules are for other people, which is how we find ourselves with Grant playing soccer and basketball at the same time.  He's the first child!  We didn't even have to be worn down by successive children whining and begging to do just one more thing, we caved immediately!  Darn my children to heck for exposing me as a fraud.

How much should I be tipping at a place where they bring you your food, but there's no server and you bus your own table?  None?  Because that's where I'm leaning, but I don't want to be a horrible person.  Modern life is full of conundrums!  


tipsybaker said...

In answer to your last question, I generally leave the coin change I get from what I pay in the tip jar at the cash register. Occasionally I shame myself into leaving a dollar. I am very irritated by tip jars at places where they don't even bring the food to the table, they just get you a muffin and hand it to you on cardboard plate. Why does this deserve a tip? The checker at the grocery store does far more work.

beckster said...

Speaking of the grocery store, I was behind a lady last week who tipped both the checker and the bagger. HUH? I have never seen this, have you? They did not seem impressed, as she left them both a few coins.