Thursday, March 27, 2014

I love you, but I hate your friends--they're all desperate

Ike accidentally kicked my healing toenail this morning, so that was a party.  I screamed so loudly that the windows rattled and the lights flickered, and for a moment a portal to a Hell dimension opened at our feet, and as it twisted and pulsed, sucking greedily at our feet, Ike's eyes widened in horror at what he had wrought.  But then I stopped screaming and everything went back to normal. 

Here are some things I have fought with my children about this week:
Grant:  Couldn't go up to the church to play basketball on Tuesday night because he hasn't been getting out of bed and he missed the bus last week.  40 minutes.
Emmett:  Is not allowed to wear basketball shorts to school and wasn't allowed to take a tablet computer to school when he was in third grade.  Ongoing (basketball shorts), 10 minutes (tablet)
Ike:  Refuses to count when he plays "My Country 'Tis of Thee." 20 minutes
Willa:   Always decides she's hungry right when she's supposed to be getting in bed and cries when her stalling tactic is not successful.  Ongoing

We finally had a decent Pi Day on Saturday, and it was great.  I made an apple pie (my worst ever), a bananas Foster cream pie (great), and a raspberry meringue (great).  I saw the most beautiful piped meringue topping the other day, so I piped my meringue from a plastic bag, and it looked like Lisa Simpson, but in a cool way.  Also at the party were chicken salad and ice cream cake (for Grant's birthday) and the invention I'm making for my own birthday cake, which is:  POTATO CHIP CAKE.  It definitely has room for improvement, but the concept is solid.  I made a black and white marble cake, cut out a channel in the center and piped it full of pastry cream into which I had folded crumbled potato chips, and frosted it with chocolate frosting also into which I had folded crumbled potato chips.  Changes that need to be made:  moister cake, more cream filling, frosting that doesn't turn gritty when refrigerated.  Also the potato chips do become a little soggy and leathery after a few hours of sitting, so it might need to be assembled just prior to eating.  It's a challenge for sure, but I do think it could be great.  And could you get more American than a potato chip cake?  Highly dubious. 


Marsha said...

No. No, no. Save some frosting if you must, and use it as dip for the potato chips. But do not sogify the chips. That is just wrong. It goes against everything. No. No. I don't mean to be harsh. But, no.

beckster said...

Maybe you could crush the chips and put them on top of a slice when you are going to eat it. Otherwise, they will always be soggy. I like sweet/salty things, but I'm not sure you can make this work, but if anyone can, it will be you!

Layne said...

Surprisingly, the chips in the filling did not get soggy, so I think it's only the frosting that needs tweaking. I think sprinkling them over the frosted cake will solve it.