Friday, March 28, 2014

we understand; after all, we are from the land of chocolate

Yesterday I was showing Grant the video for "Your Surrender" by Neon Trees--a song I highly recommend, by the way--and Grant said, "That video is weird."  And I was like, "Umm, try again."  Because really.  Grant has no idea the weirdness that exists out there. That's about the least weird video I can think of.  When I told John about it he said, "Hey Grant, let me introduce you to our friend Ziggy Stardust.  Let's watch Labyrinth while we're at it."  And that barely scratches the surface!  We actually made the kids watch Labyrinth a while ago, and Grant was horrified by David Bowie's very robust, obvious junk (let's be honest; there was probably crotch-stuffing going on--it was the eighties) and said that the Goblin King needed to put on a pair of compression shorts. 

Further fantasizing about our imaginary family band:  I wondered aloud to John if maybe I should buy a used drum set, and he said, "And put it out in the milking shed?"
Me:  "No, in the basement."
Him:  "Wow.  You love our children more than I do."
Me:  "But I already let them dribble basketballs in the house, how much worse can it be?"
Him:  "Drums are way louder than basketballs." 
John is a trusted source in this regard, since he's the one who's played with a drum and bugle corps, but I wish he would stop pooping all over my dreams.