Tuesday, March 18, 2014

who's that in that nasty car? nasty boys!

I've been putting Hoof Alive--look for it at your local feed store--on my nails, as recommended by my guitar teacher.  My nails used to be very hardy, but in the last year or so they've become brittle and break easily, which is a problem when you're trying to grow them out to use in finger-picking.  Since I started using the Hoof Alive they haven't broken, even in situations when they normally would have, i.e. using steel wool on my huge frying pan, until two days ago when I knocked my index finger into my countertop and it chipped.  But the nail itself is thick and luscious--it just couldn't withstand the force of solid concrete.  Good product, would purchase again. 

A couple of thoughts:
1.  Looking at another culture and being horrified by its practices is not always colonialism.  I think reasonable people can agree that not all cultural traditions deserve respect.  If there is no benefit provided, and the only defense for what you're doing is "It's a tradition!" then you should reevaluate.  And if this tradition demonstrably causes harm to yourself or others, then it is a bad tradition.  Being horrified by something like FGM or the denial of education to girls and women is not colonialism, it's basic human decency, and you can't hide behind religion or "who are we to say they don't know how to live their lives" to say otherwise.  Speaking of religion, is there even anybody who is practicing their pure religion, rather than a bunch of cultural practices, ranging from benign to nonsensical to actively malignant, that have accreted themselves around the actual doctrine?  I know I'm not. 
2.  After my visit to Willa's class yesterday, I would like to say that maybe until your daughter knows how to read and is not falling farther and farther academically behind her classmates you should stop pulling her out of school to participate in cheer competitions.  This is not a case of two equally valuable competing interests--she is going to be served better, and her lifelong happiness will be better secured, if you make sure she succeeds in school.  I understand that even though I think it is stupid, cheer is a lot of work, which means that this little girl does know how to do hard things.  So maybe apply that effort to teaching her to love learning. 

Sorry for the crankiness. 

Sometimes I look around at the collection of old lady furniture I have amassed over the years, and I think of what the future holds, and I hope my children have the decency to marry people who will not want to get rid of my awesome stuff. 


beckster said...

Were you being cranky? I felt you just being thoughtful. Thoughtful is good! Hoof Alive, huh? Who'd a thunk it?