Friday, March 7, 2014

yo back up now and give a brother room

My toenails are shaped like a letter C, and so you realize that ingrown toenails are a constant threat to my physical and mental well-being.  Many years ago I had a procedure done in which the interior sides of my big toenails were removed and deadened so this wouldn't be such a problem, but my right toe didn't take, and I've had what I guess is called "a spicule" ever since, that grows into the side of my toe all the time and has to be regularly pulled off.  So this week I went to my brother-in-law the podiatrist to have the procedure done correctly.  So far so good, although the anesthesia shots they give you are horribly painful.  This episode causes me to wonder:  for what medical treatment would you be willing to see a family member?  Obviously OB/GYN is out--at least for me; I don't know how you guys roll.  I have spent a few minutes thinking about this, and here are my thoughts:

1.  Podiatry--yes
2.  ENT--yes
3.  Psychotherapy or similar--no
4.  Dermatology--soft yes, depending on the malady (acne no, cancerous mole yes, unless the location requires disrobing)
5.  Physical therapy--soft yes, depending on the location of the problem
6.  Dentistry/Orthodontia--yes
7.  Emergency treatment, such as for broken bones or stitches--yes
8.  OB/GYN--hard no
9.  Proctology--hard no
10.  Cardiopulmonary--soft yes

What about you guys? 


tipsybaker said...

I think my lines are the same as yours, but I might put dentistry on the "no" list. I'd let my kids go to a family member, but would prefer to go to a stranger myself.

beckster said...

Since I am a nurse, it really depends on whether or not I think they are really good at what they do, but I prefer to go to a stranger for everything. I know it is not apparent, but I am shy of disrobing for anyone I might see again in a different situation. I had that same surgery on both of my great toes, both sides, when I was in my 20's, Layne. It really does hurt! But it was worth it.

Tori said...

I think if I had a sister or close female cousin who was an OBGYN I would go to her. But not an aunt or mom (authority figure) type. And definitely not a male relative.

The comment I really wanted to leave was "my brother is my gynecologist. What, is that weird?"

Layne said...

There is just something unsettling about someone being familiar with your body and its problems who you are going to see in other contexts.

Tori, I think you should write a best-selling youth series about a girl and her gynecologist/brother. And maybe they could live in an attic . . . seems like it would really resonate with people.

ten said...

Cool. Why is cardio only a soft yes but bones a yes? How bout something less immediately physical like occupational therapy, lawyer?

Layne said...

Less immediately physical would push the needle closer to the yes side, but I'd be careful . . . my dad has said probably roughly a hundred million times "Never do business with family."

All8 said...

Our doctor is also involved in scouting and Ambrose has gone to stuff with him and he found it too weird to call him by his first name and not Doctor ........

Definitely a no go to show any of my bits to a family member.