Tuesday, April 29, 2014

and that means I get my pizza in five minutes

I have a guitar recital next week, and I'm very nervous, because I'm going to get destroyed by a bunch of kids.  And the other adult students.  From prior experience I know that it's no fun to be the new student at a recital, but hopefully the audience will be merciful.  Per the many layers of instruction in the very self-helpy "The Inner Game of Music" I will attempt to allow my alert, confident Self 2 to override my judgy, insecure Self 1 so that I can perform to the best of my abilities.  I will give myself over to the fact that I am going to appear ridiculous, and that's okay.  I will have an agile mindset!

I will be playing "Your Surrender," by Neon Trees.  It sounds weird right off the bat because I'm playing an acoustic guitar instead of an electric guitar.  My teacher is playing bass and he's having some guy who teaches drums come and play the drums and it's basically going to be an elaborate exhibit of making a silk purse out of a sow's ear, because I so do not merit that kind of outlay of talent.  But it was my teacher's suggestion, and he kind of just barreled ahead with it and maybe he's just trying to drown me out?  Who can say?  It definitely sounds better with the bass.  I don't know about the drums yet, because I've never played with this guy. It may suck and we won't even know until we're in the thick of it!  But I bet the drums will be nice.

Even though I still suck super bad at the guitar, learning another instrument has already made me a more aware--and therefore more appreciative--musician.  I like noticing more in the songs I listen to.  Even dumb little nothing songs have a lot going on, and you start to figure out just how talented people have to be to write their own music, even when it's lame and repetitive.  I keep making John sing "Poison & Wine" with me, and it's hard for him because of the many, many times it says the same thing, but the harmonies are incredible, and the simplicity of the accompaniment and the bitterness and heartache and longing in the song are still really compelling to me, even if it does say "I don't love you, but I always will" roughly a hundred million times.  


All8 said...

Trust the teacher and Good Luck!