Thursday, April 10, 2014

I expect to live single all the days of my life

Yesterday I was talking a walk down to check on a neighbor, and I was just in my normal clothes, instead of "exercise clothes," and people were giving me crap about walking in my cowboy boots.  Well, it's not like I'm really exercising, so why bother pretending?  Plus these particular boots are more comfortable than my athletic shoes, anyway.  When I go walking before I take my shower I wear athletic shoes, but I have always balked at getting into exercise clothes after I've showered.  Seems to defeat the purpose.  So yesterday I took my exercise in jeans and cowboy boots.  Sue me. 

The mayor was out spraying weeds in his driveway and wanted to discuss a rogue midwife zoning situation we've got going on.  He was one of the people who hassled me about my boots.  Duh, he should know better.  He wears boots to church, surely he understands?

Hungry, anyone?

They're good for what ails you.  As long as what ails you is intestinal parasites. 


beckster said...

Tell me what they are. Juniper berries? You should have annoyed them by singing, These Boots Are Made for Walking!

Layne said...

Those are herbal wormer balls for my goats--I go outside and shout "Treats!" and they come running. I think it's the molasses.