Monday, April 7, 2014

speak softly to me

Hello everyone.

Last week was our spring break.  We went to the aquarium and it was okay, kind of lame as aquariums go, but I guess pretty good for a landlocked state.  The otters were the best part I think.  There were some poison dart frogs either fighting or mating furiously--they were different varieties, so I am not sure about the viability of any offspring.  If there are any herpetologists in the audience I would love to discuss this mating/fighting behavior at length. 

On Friday we had a culinary world tour, and I made the children choose from my Time-Life Foods of the World series an appetizer, entrée, side dish, and dessert, each from a different country.  For the side dish they chose green beans in tomato sauce (judías verdes con salsa de tomate--Spain and Portugal), and I think they were just being jerks because they were sick of looking through the cookbooks, but I called the crap out of their bluff, and the green beans were actually pretty good.  The appetizer ended up being chips and salsa (Mexico), which did not come out of the Time-Life books but I guess we'll let it slide.  The entrée was Toad in the Hole (sausages baked in eggy batter--the British Isles), which my kids began clamoring for as soon as I told them what was expected.  Dessert was a Paris-Brest (Provincial France), which I must admit was pretty stunning. 

Also I got to do a little bit of postpartum/newborn goat care, which was great.  Hazel and Sally are starting to look more robust, so maybe their breeding took after all, huzzah!  I wonder if Hazel will kid triplets again.  If so, I hope none of them are breech.  I had no idea how dangerous that was until afterward--thank goodness we didn't lose her.  Ah, reminiscing. 


tipsybaker said...

I love the funky meal. When will your goats kid, if they kid?

Layne said...

We'll start looking for signs as we approach May 15th, which is the 5-month mark from the day the buck arrived. I went out and petted them for a while today, and they're def. pregnant. Yay!