Monday, May 5, 2014

first things first, get what you deserve

I planted one tomato and six strawberry plants today.  I am excited.

Ike really, really wanted to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, so we had tacos and curtido and margaritas and asparagus--we figure the asparagus was maybe grown in Mexico, even if it's not a traditionally Mexican food.  Did I tell you guys that I ate huitlacoche recently?  John and I went to the Frida Bistro in Salt Lake, and as soon as I saw huitlacoche on the menu I knew I had to try it.  Huitlacoche is the fancy word for corn smut.  It looks like this:

It came in the form of corn tortilla quesadillas.  It might have just been the cheese and tortillas I was tasting, but I was a big fan.  Would do business again.   And I was proud of myself for eating something that used to give me the heebie-jeebies when I passed an infected ear of corn in the garden.  Just wait, someday I'll be eating witchetty grubs and my friends and family will be saying "We don't even know who you are anymore."  

Umm, we bought a bass guitar.  I couldn't help it!  Grant said he wants to play the bass, and any dummy knows you can't have a band without rhythm and percussion, so it will be here Wednesday.  On a scale of 1-10, where 10 is the most excited someone could ever be about having a bass, John is probably a .75, but I barreled ahead all the same like I do.  At least it's a bass and not a dog or a car or a house, like has happened before. 


Claire said...

That is the grossest picture ever.

All8 said...

I remember reading a book about one of the Indian tribes that lived here along the Missouri river and the smut was considered a blessing and they used it as a seasoning in their foods. Good to know that Buffalo Bird Woman knew her stuff.

Hope John is doing better. My tomato vote is Cherokee Purple but if Black Krim tastes better there, plant it How did your concert go?

Layne said...

It's this Saturday--I am still very nervous!