Thursday, May 29, 2014

I'm over my head and it sure feels nice

I am soldiering on in my guitar studies, which I think is brave of me.  Not brave like going to war, or brave like Gwyneth Paltrow reading rude comments about herself on the internet (which is also like going to war) but brave in the way that making yourself do something hard that you're not good at and letting other people see just how not good at it you are is brave.  That was a confusing sentence.  Anyhoodle, I am trying to play "I Don't Want to Know" by Fleetwood Mac, and it is just a fun little song.  Fleetwood Mac is an interesting band to me, how they were able to turn their personal turmoil into such compelling music.  I don't know how they did it.  I remember once Craig Kilborn said during his stint as host of the Daily Show, "Stevie Nicks--everything that was wrong with the seventies in one rapidly-expanding package."  That was mean-spirited of him.  She does sing a little bit like a goat sometimes, though.

What ever happened to Craig Kilborn?  What is he doing these days?  I had a crush on him during college because he was so tall and handsome and bratty.  What if Stevie Nicks is a real witch, and she has cursed Craig Kilborn's career because he said that mean thing?  I would not put it past her--she wears a lot of black, you know.  Did people ever accuse Johnny Cash of being a warlock?  Or did he bypass that because SEXISM? 


Tori said...

Did you ever see the SNL skit "Stevie Nicks' Burrito Roundup?" It's probably my favorite skit ever.

I think that Craig Kilborn got what he deserved because he's an ass. I don't think that Stevie had anything to do with it. It is funny, though, remember when he left the Daily Show and we all thought the show was doomed? Like, how is JON STEWART of all people POSSIBLY going to make this show entertaining?

Tori said...

Dammit...I typed burrito when I meant fajita.

Layne said...

Whoa--I had no idea Lucy Lawless could sing like that.

I do remember thinking the Daily Show was doomed. Ha, what dummies we all were.