Friday, May 16, 2014

to lead a better life, I need my love to be here

I worked very hard yesterday, moving the rabbits (boo) and the chickens (boo) into the chain-link-enclosed section of our back yard that used to be the garden, before I found my new straw bale garden religion.  I threw heavy cinder blocks around on the ground in an attempt to get them to release the bricks of rabbits feces that had been compacted in the holes.  I swapped two heavy sections of chain link fence so the gate would be on the other side.  I moved some heavy pots and heavy bags of potting mix.  In sum, I did all the heavy things.  And I was worn out.  Last night Grant was begging to watch a few more minutes of Avatar, and I told him I was so tired and needed to go to bed, and he asked incredulously, "What did you do?"  As though the idea of me doing anything to the point of physical exhaustion is incomprehensible.  Man, that kid is so blunt.  He maybe needs his face slapped for being so sassy. 

Yesterday afternoon I went shopping for a tomato ladder since my cages are too fat for the pot, and at the IFA they had chicks that are already in the Skeksis stage, so they could go right outside with a heating lamp.  I bought four.  We put them in the little chicken coop I had emptied earlier, and when they get big we'll throw them in with Brad and Penguin (the current, eggless chickens).  Sally is bagging up, so I guess we'll probably have some goat babies in the next few days.  The bees have made the craziest labyrinth of honeycomb in their hive with no regard whatsoever to the orientation of the frames.  That's cool, bees.  You do you.  I'm just glad they've got a place to call home and that they seem to be thriving. 

Today I found a bunch of snails in my front garden and threw them onto the road to be smashed.  My life is very cool.