Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Luke, I'm your father. It is useless to resist.

 Last night Grant and I went to the Neon Trees concert while John went with the other kids to a family wedding dinner.  So Grant was the cool kid hanging out with his mom.  It was his first real concert, and he got pretty bored with the opening acts and especially the interludes between bands.  I think he was a little weirded out by the idea of jumping around and sweating and shouting lyrics with a bunch of strangers.  But he loosened up eventually and we had a great time.  Good enough that he said, "When I get a phone and a car I'm going to come to places like this by myself so I can meet girls."  As though I'm not a good wingman!  Girls love boys who go to concerts with their moms.  And yea, verily, it was a great concert and there was much rejoicing.  Seeing a band live is always a crapshoot--the sound quality is really unpredictable, and I pretty much hate the live version of any song.  But Neon Trees is a good gamble--they sound terrific live.  Would do business again.

Now I'm off to girls' camp and it's a cold, rainy day.  Should be a party.  Is it too braggy to take my guitar?  I hope not.  I don't want to play for everyone/anyone, but tinkering around the campfire is a big part of the reason I got a guitar in the first place.  Plus it's been two weeks since I've practiced and boy, does it show.  I'm going to sleep in my car because I live in privileged circumstances that afford me the freedom to not sleep in a tent if I don't want to.