Tuesday, July 22, 2014

they took all the trees and put 'em in a tree museum

I had a whole big thing typed about how I stopped eating dessert a couple of weeks ago, but people who go on sugar fasts, even weak ones like I'm doing, are usually insufferable.  So never mind.

I finally milked Hazel and Sally last week, and felt very virtuous and provident living-y.  I decided not to get that beautiful blue roan goat.  What with the goats being even more pet than asset than usual this year, I just couldn't justify it.  This also made me feel virtuous and provident.  Also mature.  One of the problems with me is that I have to do so little to feel incredibly self-congratulatory.  Like I ever do anything that's actually challenging or commendable!  But I also frequently feel ashamed at my sheer uselessness, so I think it balances out in the end.  

The thing about Joan Baez is that she has such a gorgeous voice, but she is kind of a downer.  It's like listening to the Civil Wars--you can only take so much before you start eating your feelings. 


Amy said...

Layne -- you're not eating dessert? That is HUGE news. You love dessert. You are the homemade dessert lady. How is this possible?

beckster said...

I find it hard to believe that you think you are useless since you are taking care of a family and a homestead of sorts. Layne, are you fishing for compliments here? We all need a good compliment now and again, so here is one for you. You balance an incredibly complex life, and you must do it pretty darn well! Joan Baez is of my generation, and you are right. Even when I was young, I found her music haunting and very depressing.

Layne said...

Oh no, I am not fishing for compliments. I just try really hard to be honest with myself, which requires that when I am about to break my arm patting myself on the back I need to spend some time talking myself down with my many personal failings. But thank you for the compliment all the same!

Amy--it's because for months now I have felt bloated and lethargic and angry from sunup to sundown, and since I truly do believe that sugar is a poison, a delicious, delicious poison, I decided to go without dessert for a while. And I feel so much better!