Tuesday, August 26, 2014

and they all have pretty children and the children go to school

OKAY OKAY OKAY.  I have so much to tell you.  First:  for our Start of Term Feast last night I made some frozen butterbeer and it was amazing (said in David Allen Grier's voice from that episode of Bones, or Dave Kroll's voice from his PubLIZity sketches).  Do you want the recipe?  I'll put it at the bottom.

Second:  the county? state? not sure, but whoever it is came and widened the road in front of our house to make a turning lane, and I'm interested to see if it actually makes the road safer, because it looks a little bit like it might exacerbate the limited-vision dog-leg problem, but I am not a road person and am therefore not a trustworthy source.  Anyway, they ripped a big chunk out of our driveway for some reason, even though the road didn't even come any further into our driveway than before, and yesterday they came and poured cement, so one part of our driveway is super nice and smooth, and the rest of it is still like an old lady lives here and doesn't have money to pay for a new driveway.  This actually describes what is really happening, only replace "old lady" with "my family." 

Oh man, I just fell down the internet rabbit hole on Dave Kroll, and I am weeping about his Cats are the Worst bit.  I don't know why, maybe I'm just in a good mood--TRICK QUESTION I AM IN A GOOD MOOD because I had the best day at the D.I. today while I was waiting for my car to get serviced.  I found a skirt and a dress and a shirt and they are all HAWT and also I found two of the Pyrex mixing bowls that came so highly recommended in the recent Cook's Illustrated

Third:  The children started school today and they all got up on time and looked handsome/lovely and were ready for the bus with time to spare, and ever since then it has been so blissfully quiet, and I have done two loads of dishes, plus the car servicing and D.I. successes I mentioned earlier, and a guitar lesson, and I ate proper portions for my lunch and I LOVE THIS DAY.  The end. 

But before you go, here's the butterbeer recipe:

Frozen Butterbeer
serves 4

1 C brown sugar
1/2 C water
1/2 t butterscotch flavoring
1/2 t vanilla
pinch of salt

Make a simple syrup by heating the sugar in the water until it has completely dissolved, then let it cool completely.  Add the butterscotch and vanilla and the salt.  Once the syrup is chilled, fill a blender with ice and pour the syrup over it.  Blend until smooth, then pour into glasses.

1 pint heavy cream
1 7 oz. container marshmallow creme

Pour the cream and marshmallow creme into a bowl and whip to desired stiffness, adding vanilla and sugar to taste.  When the topping is ready, spoon it onto the top of each glass of butterbeer.  Serve and enjoy. 


beckster said...

I am thrilled for you that you had such a good day! It's those days that help us get through all the horrible days that come between them. I am really envious of your D.I. every time you mention a find of treasure. I hope you have another really great day soon.

tipsybaker said...

Frozen butterbeer? Does everyone know about this? I'd never heard of such a thing, but I'll try it for sure because it sounds fascinating.
I think in terms of the good day that your "third" reason probably should have been listed first.

Claire said...

Yay! I'm so glad you posted the recipe!!

tipsybaker said...

I figured it out. Harry Potter.