Thursday, August 21, 2014

come and knock on our door, we'll be waiting for you

My cookies got a red ribbon at the fair.  Frowny face.  The kids all got blue ribbons on their pickles, the chickens had a mix of blue, red and white ribbons, and Karl the rabbit got "4th" written on her tag.  Willa really wants to show a goat next year, so I suppose I should support her in her farmerly pursuits.  But that means walking and training and whatnot, which requires consistency and patient continuance in well-doing.  That's a drag, but it's hard to overlook the fact that our goats would SMOKE the competition.  There are some sad critters bumping around in that barn, most of them obvious mixes and it's like, what kind of rinky-dink popsicle stand are we running here?  Sally would clean house if we took her, if only we could get her to walk on a leash.  We might have to start with a baby because Sally is just too cuckoopants to perform. 

We ate some very good brisket from one of the food huts for lunch--do you find that it's almost impossible to find good brisket?  Everybody says they make great brisket, but so far I've only found two people who aren't lying.  Why do they have to lie?  Why don't they just stop making brisket?  There's no shame in admitting that you don't know how to do something.

I like the idea of yoga very much, but every time I try it I feel simultaneously bored and hopelessly inept.  I think that shows that my body desperately needs the flexibility and stamina that yoga would give me, but boy is that ever a steep learning curve.  But even more than the physical aspect I think my mental state would benefit greatly from regular doses of yoga.  I feel somewhat frenetic and unbalanced.  


tipsybaker said...

I've struggled to embrace yoga over the years and did hot yoga for extended periods of time. No more. I do better with overtly intense exercise, which accomplishes a lot of what you're looking to accomplish in a shorter time. And you know what you're in for -- unpleasant exertion.
I'm impressed with your fair participation. It sounds so fun and wholesome and all-American and I'm envious.

All8 said...

Good job on the fair! I would start with a baby goat, it would seem to be easier but they're still goats and well, a goat's a goat and goats do dumb things.

I like yoga but I like Tai Chi too. Haven't done it for a very long time but yoga is much easier to find.

Claire said...

Cookies are hard because I never like them unless they're fresh. Good job in all your ribbons! I like Pioneer woman's brisket recipe.

Claire said...

On not in. Whoops.