Monday, August 4, 2014

who wants respect from a ten-year-old kid?

Brothers and sisters, it is so hot in Florida.  There was a shooting at an outlet mall while we were there, and I think it's because it is so hot there that it addles people's brains.  Someone probably snuck in and poached a parking spot that someone else had been waiting for, one thing led to another, and the next thing you know here comes the ambulance.  I think there are places in the world where maybe people just aren't meant to live.  Arizona comes to mind.  Also Greenland.  But what do I know?  Probably nothing.

John and I were the nerdy adults with no children who were tooling around in the Harry Potter theme park, and also I was pushing him in a wheelchair because his knee is still all messed up from his surgery.  If any of you were thinking of renting a disabled person to skip the lines at a theme park, know this:  it is not worth it.  You still have to wait, so you'll have become a garbage person for nothing.  But we had fun, and once again I was reminded how boring our normal, non-magical world is.  Even though the theme park does not have the immersive quality of the books, it's enough to remind you of how captivating they are.  And I am annoyed by people who think that adults should be ashamed to read Harry Potter--it reminds me of this weird guy who was attempting to date my youngest sister last year who said he can't read Harry Potter anymore unless he reads it in Spanish, because it's just too easy, and I rolled my eyes so hard they nearly got stuck.  Whatever, dude.  We bow before your superior intellect and so forth.

Did any of you read any of the Borrowers books when you were young?  I loved them so very much, and now I'm reading the first book to my kids and they're all like "meh."  What is their problem?  Aren't the Borrowers actually a super cool idea?  What's the matter with kids today?  


All8 said...

Rest at ease, I loved The Borrowers too. Wow, I sure hope John's knee gets better because that just stinks, a lot. Hey, there is supposed to be some genealogy conference here with speakers from UT, is John in on that?

Layne said...

No, not this time.